Try Pantayo! This quintet, made up of members of the Filipino diaspora, remixes kulintang music, and it's downright cool!

Pantayo brings a pop flavor to the traditional instrumental music made with gongs. By integrating vocals, guitar, synths and drum machines, the band gives it a modern twist. The result is a unique sound, at once gentle and intense, magnetic and rhythmic. 

Experience Pantayo's version of “gong pop”! Who knows, maybe you'll even get the chance to join in...!


Eirene Cloma - Vocals, Bass, Guitar 
Michelle Cruz - Vocals, Agong, Synth 
Joanna Delos Reyes - Vocals 
Kat Estacio - Agong, Kulintang, Sarunay, Synth, Drum Programming, Auxillary percussion 
Katrina Estacio - Kulintang, Sarunay, Synth, Auxillary percussion