The PepTides

The PepTides

Full of funk and irresistible flair — The PepTides are coming to the Big Bang Festival for the first time, and are bringing with them a colorful wave of songs that are sure to make the whole family groove!

“A tidal wave of good vibes”

The four instrumentalists and five vocalists behind the Ottawa-based group combine their diverse backgrounds and talents to create a musical sensation. Picture this: a blend of Bowie, Badu, Bach, B-52s and The Partridge Family. The result is an explosion of unique musical and visual flavour that echoes on stage. Hyper theatrical and inventive, the group offers extravagant compositions that mix humour and joy to provide a tender look on the world. A truly bold and refreshing cocktail.


voice: Claude Marquis, Rebecca Noelle, DeeDee Butters, Dale Waterman et Olexandra Pruchnicky 
keyboards: Scottie Irving 
bass: Andrew Burns 
drums: Alex Wickham  
guitar: Juan Miguel Gomez Montant