Performania ©MILLK Mink Pinster

Ears on wheels, talking cups, magical sound-balloons controlled by the audience and a guitar-shredding oboe. The new absurdist performance Performania by the duo Perforator – oboist Marlies van Gangelen and inventor Akim Moiseenkov – is inexplicable, a unique visual and auditory spectacle. The oboe merges with the decor, movements become music and an army of self-built instruments come to life. 

Performania Teaser


AKIM MOISEENKOV & MARLIES VAN GANGELEN composition, artistic concept MARLIES VAN GANGELEN/ANSE KUYL & AKIM MOISEENKOV performance AKIM MOISEENKOV Instrument building JOCHEM STAVENUITER direction CATHARINA SCHOLTEN scenography ALBERT VAN ANDEL creative technologist hardware HIDDE DE JONG creative technologist software DAVID DRAMM musical advice MICHA DE KANTER sound design