Piano for All

Ample Man Danse
©The Focalister

Come on in, we’re open! 
When music takes shape. 

A piano is sleeping in the middle of nowhere. That would be the end of the story if it weren’t for a musician accompanied by two dancers ready for just about anything. A few notes played on the keyboard and the melodies start to flow, the bodies come to life and a thrilling pas de deux begins—dance and music! 

This light-hearted, poetic show plays with the possibilities in the meeting between two urban, contemporary dancers and a jazz pianist. The talented trio loves a challenge, and constantly pushes itself to take its creativity to the next level. It’s a joy to watch, and it immerses us in a world where music takes shape and movement becomes rhythm … 

 (Warning: audience participation might be required!)


Performers: Marilyne Cyr et Samuel Cyr 

Piano: Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier 

Choreography: Simon Ampleman 

Produced by Ample Man Dans