Colombina Clandestina
©Raquel Pimentel

To celebrate the end of each day of the Big Bang Festival, we invited the collective Colombina Clandestina to occupy CCB's Plaza, with 33 percussionists, 3 dancers, and a wader. The performance-courtship Pierrete is an event in the public space that has in the interaction with people the essence to happen.

Silent and luminous, CCB's Plaza will be occupied by Colombina Clandestina in the form of sound, colors, and smiles. In contrast to the aridity of the stones that make up the space, street arts prevail. Masked in vibrant colors, musicians, dancing bodies, and stilts, promote a great party. A huge and unexpected artistic performance will open CCB's Plaza to the art that comes from the streets.


Creative Direction Andréa Freire
Artistic Direction Guilherme Calegari, Clara Bevilaqua
Musical Direction Weskley Souza
Musical production Paulo Chagas
Choreographic Production Luiza Cascon 
Voices Heidy Samantha, Delfina Henriques
Wind instruments Iris Ceulemans, Claudio Gomes, Facundo Troitero
Technical production Thiago Hallak        
Stilts Fernanda Velloso
Set design Fabrízio Suzzi
Design and Visual Concept Bruna Seidel, Marília Bagnato
Photography Raquel Pimentel