Pleine Lune – Compagnie La Balbutie

Musical and sensory performance in the dark
© Didier Rochut

Pleine Lune (Full Moon) is a musical and sensory theatre piece set in the dark. The blindfolded public are immersed into the heart of a forest of sounds and feelings. Vocals, Violin and electro-acoustic-music respond to each other in dialogue whilst forest smells and tangible sensations move throughout the participants. As the night thickens, the ever-fleeting sounds evoke pagan rituals, life in the foliage, the silent fog and the silhouette of the moon.

The participants experience a full night from sundown until first light during which their own imagination becomes their theatre as they discover the power of the invisible.


Compagnie La Balbutie

Conception and performance:
- Nicolas Perrin (live electro-acoustic)
- Juliette Plihon (voice)
- Laurine Rochut (violin)