A primal reg song (Music Room)

Mari Kalkun

"The voice is the very first instrument in the world and it is given to all of us at birth. Our ancestors promised to give a golden apple or even a couple of oxen for a good voice, because the voice makes our thoughts heard and can sometimes even move mountains. It is the invention of old Estonians that can be considered a primal reg song, which we will try singing together," promises singer and composer Mari Kalkun.

About the Music Rooms

The Music rooms have become one of the must-see activities of the BIG BANG Festival. Every year, this musical discovery tour takes you into the secret rooms and forgotten corners of the festival venues and offers you some wonderful surprises. Behind the doors of dressing rooms, broom wardrobes, attics, and cellars, classrooms, or rehearsal rooms, some fantastic mini-concerts await you again this year.


Mari Kalkun (musician, singer, composer)