Le Diamant

For the very first time in Quebec, families are invited to take part in the BIG BANG festival! Children will happily push the door of Le Diamant, which will host this full day of musical discoveries and sound adventures. Curious concerts, surprise performances, sound installation and creative activities are on the menu, to the delight of young and old alike. Initiated by Zonzo cie in Belgium, the BIG BANG has become a network of festivals present in around fifteen European cities and has extended its roots to Ottawa. Quebec City is the second North American branch of this fantastic celebration!

A production by Les Incomplètes in coproduction with Le Printemps de la Musique, Le Diamant and Zonzo Compagnie - with the support of the Entente de développement culturel MCC-Ville de Québec

About the partner: Les Incomplètes

Founded in 2011 in Quebec City, Les Incomplètes is a research and creation company exploring the intersections between live arts and visual arts. While there is a desire to explore all audiences, the company focuses its research on early childhood, an audience which is free to delve into narratives based largely on image and sense. In hopes of creating a social connection, Les Incomplètes implement proposals in public space and in atypical places. They also spearhead cultural action projects, whose aim is to bring the community, the artists and their creative pieces closer together.

About the venue: Le Diamant

Les Incomplètes don’t have a venue themselves, so in partnership with Le Printemps de la Musique, an annual musical celebration happening in plenty of venues and public spaces in Québec City, they knocked together at the door of Le Diamant, the new Robert Lepage’s theater. A unique cultural venue, Le Diamant is committed to presenting the best national and international works of today. Open to the community and located in the heart of the historic city-centre, this performing-arts centre aims to serve as a point of reference for the public, emerging artists, and creators of all kinds

Le Diamant
Le Diamant
966, rue Saint-Jean
G1R 1R5 Québec (QC), Canada