Radio BIG BANG : Bilingual Digital Radio

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“THE festival frequency” 

Your favourite podcast is back! 

Crank up the sound! It’s time for BIG BANG Radio, the essential audiozine for finding out everything about the festival! Hosted by a new group of ambassadors, just as energetic as the first bunch, the podcast instantly plunges you into an exhilarating musical bath. One-on-ones with great artists, mystery guests, and—surprise!—we take you on a backstage tour of the festival!  

Your talented hosts: five young people ages 11 to 14. Their names are Dineo, Mahika, Michelle, Nadine and Céleste. They’re friendly, they’re bilingual, and most of all, they’re not short of ideas. With help from the team at La puce à l’oreille, which produces offbeat podcasts for young people, there’s sure to be a buzz in the air! 

Bilingual ● For all ages ● Free


Hosts :  Mahika De Léan, Dineo Jackson-Miller, Michelle Jiménez-Bucur, Céleste Prévil, Nadine Hirst 
Director : Maude Petel-Légaré and Mélanie Dumont 
Editing : Fred Deu 
Executive Producer : Albéric Filhol for La puce à l’oreille 
Mix :  Ivann Uruena 
Concept and Artistic Direction : Mélanie Dumont 
Creation accomplice and outreach : Marie-Ève Fontaine 
Coordination : Élyse Gauthier 
Produced by :  The Ottawa BIG BANG Festival, in association with La Puce à l’oreille