Radio BIG BANG (live)

Bilingual digital radio

Warning: BIG BANG ambassadors take over the airwave

It’s 11 a.m.: time to welcome you to our special radio station! Our amazing ambassadors have a full hour of content lined up for you. Wacky features and interviews with curious personalities, performances by various artists as well as answers to music and sound topics you didn’t realize you wanted to know! Tune in to BIG BANG Radio and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Join Naveen, Chloé, Bria, Ivey and Sébastien, on this musical journey! All between the ages of 11 and 14, these bright young hosts are brilliant, bilingual and bursting with ideas! As backup, they’ve invited sound professionals from Transistor Media, experts in podcasting and digital radio. Without a doubt, we're sure to hit some high frequencies with this incredible group!

60 minutes Bilingual All ages Free

Saturday February 13 & Sunday February 14, 11AM (local time)
Livestreamed event | Available on demand | Registration not required

Ambassadors: Sébastien Cimpaye, Chloé Lajoie, Naveen Mehra, Bria Ryan and Ivey Zhang / Concept and artistic direction: Mélanie Dumont / Coordination: Véronique Lavoie-Marcus / Coordination assistance: Kelly Symons / Director: Maude Petel-Légaré / Audio technician: Transistor Média / Executive production: Stéphanie Laurin / A project by : BIG BANG Festival Ottawa (National Arts Centre) / In collaboration with : Transistor Media