Factoría Cultural

BIG BANG shows again its most festive and participative side with this travelling show by the company Fact Circ. A witty giant wheel with 5 fearless crew members inside who will unleash their most wild and carnival side to make the Alameda de Hércules dance. With more than ten performing years on their backs – or rather on their wheels – “Rodafonio” has toured the whole world, astonishing the audience with their skills to synchronise the movement of the huge device with the musical score.

Eduar Bedoya / David Jácome (sax)
Pedro Alba Ramos / Gastón De la Puente (drums)
Alejandro Gallón / Juancho Grajales (guitar)

Actors: César Álvarez and Andy Cerchiaro
Idea, construction and direction: César Álvarez Bayer
Musical composition: Rodrigo Spagnuolo, Alejandro Gallón
Musical arrangements: Alejandro Gallón, Sebastián Cabra and Miguel Ramón
Set and costume design: Solfasirc and Corinne