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BIG BANG Seville 2019

Thursday 28 - Saturday 30
Mar 2019

For the fourth year in a row, Sevilla is again the host in Spain for the Big Bang Festival, the European network of music for adventurous children made up of more than ten cities. A proposal far from conventionalism that allows little kids to enjoy the possibility of experimenting, playing and living the music in an amusing and different way. In Big Bang the music becomes a sensory and multidisciplinary experience, with quite an eclectic programme, but always under the common denominator of the proximity and the interactivity as the basic premises.

Big Bang 2019 will kick off with the Belgian Company Zonzo, international promoter of the festival featuring their proposal 3ACH A stairway to heaven at the Teatro Alameda, with school functions within the frame of the series The Theatre and The School and familiar performances. The theatre will also host the Music Rooms, two small format proposals of intimate and singular nature in two not very conventional locations inside the same venue by two Sevillian duets: Montjüic and Clowning Calaveras.

The festival will take the streets by the hand of the French Company Le Snob, who had to call off their performances on the last edition due to the heavy rain but this year they are back with two truly unique parades, not only because of a musical repertoire quite far from what one can expect from this kind of concert but also due to the absolutely stunning staging.

The Espacio Santa Clara, on the other side, will host a concert by the guitar player Raúl Cantizano, a musical composition workshop with computers, and the interactive display of the Antropoloops workshops by the students of San José Obrero Public Infant and Primary School.

Finally, we would like to point out specially on this 2019 a proposal still in the development stages which is also a coproduction by Big Bang Sevilla. We are talking about the Big Family Band, a proposal which aims to create a musical big band reuniting families of musicians, parents, sons and daughters playing different instruments. This year the plan is a first contact through a workshop open to the public in order to develop a complete show in 2020.

As happens every year, the Big Bang will rely on its Ambassadors, a group of kids between 7 and 12 years old who will act as hosts and chroniclers of the festival, a project produced in collaboration with the Centre of Music and Dance CREA.

You can buy tickets on the website of Teatro Alameda
Presale at Teatro Lope de Vega from Tuesday until Saturday 11:00-14:00 & 17:30-20:30
Sale at Teatro Alameda one hour before each show

Teatro Alameda & Alameda de Hercúles
C/ Crédito nº 13 - 41002 Sevilla
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Le Snob © Agustín Hurtado - La Buena Estrella