The Soundelevator

Soundelevator - Vertigo

Take the stairs to the top of Børnekulturhus Ama'r and find the sound elevator, where you can travel with your ears to different places. Step into the light, press the button, listen carefully and when ‘the doors’ open the sound will take you to a new place. Maybe it's an actual place where you’ve been before or a place created in someone's imagination.

The sound elevator was created by the artist collective Vertigo for Amager Børnemusikfestival 2019 with support from the Danish Arts Council. For the BIG BANG festival, it has been made into a permanent installation in Børnekulturhus Ama´r. It can contain changing audio files created by other artists or productions created by children and young people, and in the future help to turn children into creative co-creators, which is a central goal in Børnekulturhus Amar´s work.