Chris Koolmees
Spotter installation

Heat up the screen with this interactive dance machine! 

Technology sometimes works miracles, and this captivating interactive dance machine is a case in point. Let it all out on the dance floor and be amazed as your movements create sounds and spectacular video explosions on screen! Shimmy or shake... and boom, you’ve started an audiovisual extravaganza! What’s not to like about this cool invention? 

For Chris Koolmees, multimedia has no secrets. His expertise shines in this colourful, responsive installation that invites visitors to become DJs and VJs for a day.  Spotter is always hit at BIG BANG!

Created by: Chris Koolmees / Max/Msp Scripting: Thomas van den Dool / Music: Bart Knol & Stef van der Poel / Produced by: ICarus Projects & Fresco Amsterdam