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BIG BANG Stavanger 2013

Friday 07 - Saturday 08
Jun 2013

BIG BANG is an exciting music festival for young audiences, presented by Stavanger Concert Hall, Zonzo Compagnie and the Bjergsted Culture Park in association with the Cultural Rucksack Stavanger. The festival presents the richness of music in an imaginative and adventurous way, accessible to children. BIG BANG is not just a festival for young audiences but also involves them as participants.


Bjergsted Culture Park - An environment for learning and participation

One of the most exciting aspects of the Bjergsted Culture Park is the close co-operation between performance and education. Together with professional musicians and amateurs, large numbers of children and young people come here to learn and participate in cultural activities.

The teaching environment at Bjergsted is diverse and of high quality. Adjacent to the Stavanger Concert Hall, Stavanger School of Music and Arts provides performing arts education for up to 2,100 students every week.

Nestled between the two classic, century-old brick buildings of Sandvigå are the new premises of the Stavanger Cathedral School-Bjergsted. Here, 180 secondary level students receive tuition in music, dance and drama. The University of Stavanger's Department of Music and Dance has more than 200 students.

Stavanger Concert Hall is a world class musical venue. The concert hall was designed, planned and built to accommodate a full range of musical genres, theatre and other art forms. This is the resident home of Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, established in 1938 and is today one of Scandinavia's most successful professional orchestras.

In the evening, Bjergsted Cultural Park becomes an arena for the community-based, recreational music organizations.

We will communicate experiences, insights and values. We will develop an open, inclusive, and diverse community. We will inspire our audience and each other. Our vision is bold, but we believe this: Bjergsted Culture Park will be a national center for music and art!

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Friday 7th June 09:00-14:00 Programme open to schools in the Stavanger region

Saturday 8th June 12:00-14:00 Programme open to the public

Festival arenas: Stavanger School of Arts, Stavanger Cathedral School Bjergsted, Stavanger Concert Hall.