A Super Strong Girl

The Bad Poetry Social Club
all ages
The Bad Poetry Social Club

A Super Strong Girl is a music theater performance about a girl who lives alone and isn’t afraid of anything or anyone.

Through stories told of her adventures, music played live by the Troubadour on stage, and sets that are also created in real time, we come to know a child different from the ones we’re used to hearing about in fairy tales. One without fine clothes or palaces, and with no need for love stories or great riches. This girl is covered in freckles, wears funny clothes, lives in a ramshackle home without parents, doesn’t go to school, picks fights with big burly men (and beats them easily), and carves out her own path alongside her best friend.

This super strong girl – in partnership with the Narrator, the Director, the Troubadour, and her best friend – forges a parallel universe, somewhere between the real and the imaginary, where they all sing together and talk about friendship and being care free, about the power and purity of children’s imaginations, and about how important it is to keep dreaming – to keep the child inside us alive forever.


Texts: Alexandra Epitheti, Vina Sergi | Director: Panagiotis I. E. Vasileiou | Set Design & Art Curation: The Krank | With: Alexandra Epitheti, Vina Sergi, Panagiotis I. E. Vasileiou, Fani Grylli | Musician: Theodoros Sarmousakis | Music: Victor Forlidas