Tatuí & Sāo Paulo

Sustenidos is an NGO, a Social Organization, and a reference for creating, implementing, and managing culture public policies. Recently, the Organization assumed the management of Conservatório de Tatuí and Complexo do Theatro Municipal de São Paulo, and it has been managing Guri Project from 2004 to 2021. 

Conservatório de Tatuí is a school of arts and music maintained by the government of São Paulo state, through the Culture and Creative Economy Secretary, and through sponsorships from companies. The management of the Complexo Theatro Municipal follows the Brazilian legislation of Social Organization, according to a convocation established by the Culture City Secretary and City Hall of São Paulo. 

Sustenidos also implement special projects related to music festivals, exchange students, events, and programs for promoting musical formation all over Brazilian territory. Musicou, Move, Ethno, and Imagine Brazil are examples of these projects. The main objective of its projects is to potentialize aesthetic, affective, motor, cognitive, and social dimensions among children, teens, and youth, ensuring sociability, and promoting access to musical and artistic diversity. 

Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2092, 18º andar
01000-000 São Paulo, Brazil