These Birds are Flying to the North

These Birds are Flying to the North installation ChampdAction

Immerse yourself in the liveliest of aviaries! The sound of your footsteps will trigger a bird’s tweet, setting off another and another and so on! These unique and unusual birds have come from far to enchant and interact with you, so don’t disappoint them! Step into their world, but be quick, before they fly off again! 

The installation These Birds are Flying to the North by Belgian composer Serge Verstockt consists of nearly sixty caged mechanical birds. They react to each person's voice and express their joy with cheerful chirping. Once one of them has kicked off the concert, the others will join, and the result can be a pretty decent bird cacophony. This wonderful installation has been touring since 2013, to the delight of audiences everywhere.

Created by: Serge Verstockt / Produced by: ChampdAction