Tin Men and The Telephone

Tony Roe, Pat Cleaver & Bobby Petrov
Picture of Tin Men and The Telephone

Please do not turn off your phone! Children aged 8+ will love these fun interactive shows that mix music, technology, visuals and live audience participation.

Amsterdam-based band Tin Men and The Telephone blend jazz, classical, Balkan, hip hop and more through exciting improvisation which you, the audience, can influence during the concert by swiping, texting and shaking your phones.

How? With the band’s custom-made smartphone app, Tinmendo. Using the app you will discover the building blocks of music, as you create melodies, rhythms and harmonies that are uploaded live and assembled into a collective composition which is performed on the spot by the band. These elements create concerts that are a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience where you steal the show!
To engage in the audience participation element of the show, you will need to download the Tinmendo app on your phone before attending. However, children are not required to have their own phones - for example, you may choose to share one phone between your group or family or, if you prefer, just sit back and watch the incredible performance!

Piano, visuals and electronics: Tony Roe
Bass: Pat Cleaver 
Drums: Bobby Petrov
Manager: Jurjen Mooiweer, The Good Music Company