Travel Room

Lieselot De Wilde
Lieselot De Wilde

Jules Verne's book The Journey Around the World in 80 Days was a major inspiration for journalist Nellie Bly at the end of the nineteenth century. She wanted to be the first to travel around the earth as fast as possible. She succeeded in just 72 days.

Armed with her barrel organ and her versatile voice, soprano Lieselot De Wilde takes that journey as a starting point to sing songs from all over the world. Not just any songs, because in her Travel Room Lieselot chooses female singers and songwriters from all over the world who have helped shape the history of music. Who is the Maria Callas of Cameroon or the Edith Piaf of Romania? Or what is a Portuguese 'Cantiga de amigo'? In this poetic music room, you will discover it all.


singing and barrel organ Lieselot De Wilde