The Unheard

The Unheard © Jonas Maes

A live performance where five robotic horns travel around looking for an audience.

Five energetic robotic speakers drive around like exuberant children. Have they escaped? Do they open their mouths wide, hoping we will listen to them? Or are they gigantic ears, eager to hear our story? Where are they going? What do they want to tell us? They follow a cyclist with a wagging tail, circle around a cuddling couple mischievously, or stare at a passer-by with a questioning look. 

CREW & K.A.K. are the creators of this special family. They use the horned robots as megaphones of the unheard voice. As a counterbalance to the overwhelming noise that dominates our world, they lend their ear and perhaps sing you the most beautiful song.



CREW & K.A.K. production, text & sound CREW concept, technology & technical support K.A.K. actors