Urban Science Brass Band

©manikmati photography

Hip-hop parade 
Imagine a New Orleans-style brass band remixing Beyoncé ...! Watch out, the joint will be jumping! 

There’s nothing like a brass band—especially this one!—to turn a place into an improvised dance floor. With its lineup of brass instruments, percussion and MCs, the Urban Science Brass Band cranks up the energy to blast out some hip-hop classics and get everybody up and dancing! 

This joyful ensemble sparks enthusiasm wherever it goes. The band is made up of outstanding musicians who play the sax, the sousaphone, the drums and even the megaphone. Known for its exhilarating concerts and flamboyant parades, this coolest of bands holds the key to high-octane performances that are good for the soul. 

Psst! The shows at 2pm on Saturday, July 2 and 2:30pm on Sunday, July 3 will be performed on the move. Join the parade! 
Duration: 20 minutes


Alto saxophone and musical director: Vincent Stephen-Ong             

Trombone : Colin Lloyd              

Drums : Jean-Daniel Thibeault Desbiens and Anthony Pageot              

Sousaphone : Julie Richard                       

Trumpets : Andy King and William Lussier                            

MCs : D-Track and Dix-Iple Deca