What (RE)Connects Us

Stéphanie Laforce
all ages
What (RE)Connects Us (c)Stéphanie Laforce

Coloured rubber bands everywhere, stretching out in all directions. It looks like a giant spiderweb or the rigging of an imaginary boat. That’s it: all aboard, sailors! Now setting sail on an unusual cruise, a fabulous collective sound journey.

“Stretch your imagination”

About Stéphanie Laforce

Multimedia artist Stéphanie Laforce is a bit of a magician. She’s dreamed up a sound installation using simple elastics, ropes and weights, plus a dash of new technologies, and now it’s up to you to activate it ...

Nothing could be simpler: just manipulate the rubber bands to produce the sound of wind, waves, a foghorn here, the song of mermaids there. All together in the same boat, a collective game of musical improvisation takes shape.



concept, design and fabrication: Stéphanie Laforce