Your Place in Spacetime

Ed Devane
Your Place in Spacetime ©Ed Devane

Irish artist Ed Devane has a treasure trove of musical inventions. Sound is his thing and especially for the BIG BANG Festival, his collection was expanded with a new installation he called Your Place in Spacetime. As the title says, it's all about you, because without you there is no music. In a large circle, a series of tubes are set up. If you come closer, they will sound louder or softer, if you move hard you might get a solid beat. 

You are invited to experiment and find your ideal place or movement in the space for your favourite sound. And if you can't do it alone, then work together as a team, create your own band and be sure that nobody sounds like you because Your Place in Spacetime creates the craziest beats, noises, sound effects and melodies!



ED DEVANE concept & design