Image of BIG BANG Festival Antwerp 2018

BIG BANG is no ordinary festival. It surprises you with mobile bands, moves you with intimate little concerts and launches festive projects. For a whole day, you’ll experience music performed by musicians from both Belgium and abroad. At BIG BANG, you don’t just have to sit still and listen to other people playing. It is also – and most importantly – a festival that encourages you to take part and discover things for yourself. deSingel is transformed into a labyrinth of sounds both old and new, improvised or composed with a young audience in mind.

A production by Zonzo Compagnie in coproduction with deSingel - with the support of Klara, Vlieg, City of Antwerp, Flanders and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


Wouter Van Looy | Artistic Director, Zonzo Compagnie

About deSingel

deSingel combines grandeur and adventure in a programme of international theatre, dance, music and architecture. It is not only a place for the contemporary, critical and transnational canon; but also an incubator for artistic creation, new trends and insights. We want to unlock this programme for as wide an audience as possible. The cohabitation of four art disciplines on the same site, of artists in residence, a conservatory and an architecture institute, is unique in Flanders and the world.

About the venue

It is thanks to the wonderful architecture of Léon Stynen (1899-1990) and Stéphane Beel (b. 1955) that largeness of scale and experimentation, presentation and production are able to meet here. The large-scale infrastructure comprises a mid-sized concert hall, a large hall for theatre and dance, an exhibition space, a music studio and a theatre studio.