Everything's Turning Around in my Head

Joana Sá
Everything's Turning Around

Last year a musician played at BIG BANG in Lisbon who so bewitched us that it sent chills up our spines. One thing was certain: the magical world of sound created by the Portuguese piano wonder Joana Sá simply had to be at BIG BANG in Belgium. Those who wish to discover her wonder world should best reserve a seat now for a highly unusual journey through a dream world with magical musical powers. Using her piano as a sound machine, along with magical music boxes and a mysterious shadow show she produces a dazzling all-encompassing sound and image machine. The many surprising creatures who occupy Joana’s mind suddenly become audible and visible in a wonderful play of light and sound.

Musical performance:
Joana Sá
Set designer:
Rita Sá
Luís José Martins
Light Design:
Tela Negra