NOMAD Tallinn 2019: Drawn Sounds

Ceren Oran
Ceren Oran soundpainter

What´s improvisation? Can I also improvise? How do we do that?

Dancer, choreographer and soundpainter Ceren Oran believes that improvisation is one of the most creative way of expression in music.
Featured are the best students of the 22nd Days of Creation and Improvisation ages 10-14, who just before the BIG BANG Festival participated in Ceren Oran’s two-day workshop discovering new ways of thinking, creating music and composing using Soundpainting gestures, and of course enjoying the art of making music! 
At this unique concert, we can hear a young impro orchestra with exciting sounds and rhythms with the ideas acquired in the workshop. By using Soundpainting gestures Ceren Oran and pianist Milly Groz will also charm some of the well-known melodies out of the children.

CEREN ORAN supervisor, soundpainter, choreographer; Turkey/Germany MILLY GROZ piano, rhythm; Austria 

Eesti Kontsert in cooperation with Saue Music School