Robot Orchestra

Logos Foundation
Robot Orchestra © Kristof Lauwers

Move and let yourself be amazed by the reaction of the musical robots.

Musical robots Korn, Snar, Temblo and Toypi wrap themselves in silence. Approach the robots and hear how they wake up and respond to your movements. Four sensors detect even the smallest movement. Discover the sound of  a small gesture of your pinky finger or immerse yourself in the almost deafening sounds when quickly swinging your arms. Try to silence the machines by standing as still as possible. 

Korn is a feisty cornet robot. The electromagnetically controlled valves and the specific mouthpiece challenge every human cornet player. Korn is joined by Toypi, an automated toy piano. Its clamped bars sound 35 different pitches. Together with a free-hanging hardened brass soundboard, they produce a dreamy sound. Snar and Temblo are responsible for the rhythm section. The 13 programmable beaters of Snar each aime at a different location of the membrane. Two drumsticks provide the rim shots. 12 automated temple blocks form -together with a ratchet- Temblo. Come and meet this robotic quartet!

Credits: LOGOS FOUNDATION production GODFRIET-WILLEM RAES Musical automatons